We will be running the Oxford Final FRCA Viva Course in November 2020, virtually via ZOOM, for the first time.

November 2020 is the first time that we will be running the Oxford Final FRCA Viva Course in a virtual format, via ZOOM.


All candidates will attend Day 1 on Monday 16th November.

Candidates will then attend Day 2 of the course on either Tuesday 17th November or Wednesday 18th November.


Day 1 will provide candidates with informal viva practice and small group teaching. Topics will include: Physiology, Pharmacology, Physics/Clinical measurement, ECGs and CPEX.

Day 2 will provide candidates with formal viva practice, covering both the SOE 1 and SOE 2.


There are a maximum of 9 places available on the course.

Application is only possible by completion of the registration form on the website– applications open on 21st September.

We will confirm whether you have a place on the course by 30th September.

All places offered on the course will remain conditional until candidates receive confirmation from the RCoA that they have been accepted for the Final FRCA SOE sitting in December 2020 – (if this is not the case, your offer of a place on the course will be rescinded).


Total cost for the 2-day ZOOM course: £75